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Self-Care Ritualist, Speaker, Educator, Retreat Facilitator, and Passionate about Education, Reproductive Justice, Black and Brown Women and Girls , and LGBT causes.
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To holistically nurture and support the intellectual, emotional, and professional grounding of  Education Professionals, Students, and Non-Profit Leaders wherever they may lead, learn and serve.


Dr. Y. “Falami” Devoe, Holistic Human Development Strategist /Self-Care Ritualist is a Womanist, and poet with interdisciplinary interests at the intersections of race, class, gender, identity, sexuality, ethnography, and pedagogy. Dr. Falami’s work documents Black women’s experiences of resilience, resistance, agency, and affirmation. She is passionate about sustainable communities of care, self, and collective practices of healing, liberation, and well-being.

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Kind Words

Dr. Falami is a thoughtful facilitator. I love that she moves in ways that invoke freedom in the space but also order. Everything is intentional, and because of that, it wasn't about being on script or sticking to a formula. It was very evident that what she crafted for the retreat was tailor-made for us at IU.


Gloria Howell, Indiana University



Dr. Falami is a very affirming, personal presenter who not only brings great experiences and knowledge into the space but also helps create a positive atmosphere that is open for sharing and learning.


Brett Welsh, Columbus State (OH) Community College


Thank you for adapting your beautiful presentation to our much shorter time slot!!!  You were fabulous with the students. And your screen presence is unbelievably strong. I thank you for sharing your slides and for the breathing activity at the end which shifted their energy. I will build on how you got them to interrogate what society teaches us about pleasure and who gets to define what is right for us. All of your pedagogical moves worked to scaffold them into larger philosophical questions that guide pleasure feminism/womanism. I love your teaching strategy that guides them into their lives experience, wisdom, and uses popular culture as a springboard into their critical thinking.


Dr. Toni C. King, Denison University


I wanted to thank you personally for such an amazing and life-changing event yesterday. Your words and questions touched me on a deep level. I was profoundly moved and came away from it feeling truly freed and renewed. As a fellow Reiki/energy worker, I can feel how you truly embody the spirit of liberation and could feel the energy shifts happening, which adds a whole other dimension to your words. Thank you for bringing forth such a special gift and for reaching people simultaneously through the mind and the heart. 


With gratitude,


Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (San Francisco)

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