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Dr. Falami is a skilled virtual and in-person small and large group facilitator and organizer. She curates and creates inclusive, welcoming spaces for all communities. She can lead "think tank" conversations with your staff or community organization.

Comments from community conversation participants:

"I Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the way you lead these wonderfully meaningful community meetings with grace, passion, and compassion."

"Thank you for the space you created for the community gathering/Colloquium."

"It was very evident that this event was created through love and was an inspiring and rejuvenating experience."

"The format and varying presentation styles worked well."

"All of this, especially the timeliness, breaks and audience participation. It seemed really well organized and really approachable and inclusive."


"Greetings from Ecuador!  

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all of your hard work in creating a meaningful, spiritual, valuable, beneficial and just overall AMAZING learning and LIVING experience.  I am so grateful that you open this up to the public and that IT FOUND ME in time!  I have filled out the feedback form and greatly appreciate all the valuable materials that you have attached."

"Congratulations on the work you do and the lives you such a positive way!"

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