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Sound Healing

The benefits of Sacred Sounds

  • Relaxation. The sound of the crystal singing bowl moves you into the Alpha brain wave state (relaxed and alert) almost immediately without any effort ... the ideal state to be in during labor.

  • lower blood pressure

  • helps to focus your concentration on your breathing.



During a Reiki session, you will rebalance, reset, and feel refreshed. Using the high-frequency power of crystals, Reiki, and my intuition. Your reiki session will tap into those areas that need strengthening and balancing and help you feel more in harmony and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.


​ You can receive virtual  Reiki healing without ever needing to leave the comfort of your home! In person Reiki sessions are available on 4th Sundays  and 1st and 3rd "Wellness Wednesdays". Reiki is like a form of energy. One’s location does not impact the transmission and transference of the healing impact.

All sessions include an additional 15-minute conversation at the conclusion of the session to discuss a  personalized self-care plan. This plan is intended to provide sustainable self-care tips to help you continue to work restoring balance and peace.

At this time, Reiki sessions are available on a limited basis. Please schedule your appointment during a time with the least distractions.

Reiki  Session Pricing:

30-minute Virtual- $60  / 30- minute In person- $80

45-minute Virtual -$75  / 45- minute In person-$95

You may schedule your session here.

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