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Centering and Grounding
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Our facilitation services provide a space for grounding, centering, and reflection before beginning any work or meeting. We believe in the importance of collective care and offer services that promote healing and well-being. Our facilitators are skilled at creating at inviting a supportive environment that encourages participants to go inward, connecting with their breath and bodies to before beginning to focus on the goals of the day. If your organization seeks to center to phealing  and well-being, you are invited to experience the transformative power of our grounding and centering services.

Self-Care Ritualist Defined: 

is centered around the individual and collective healing of Black women.


This circle intends to uplift and embrace the voices of Black women's lived experiences. Recognizing the complexity and sensitivity of the lived, gendered, racialized body experiences of Black women, Sister Circle of Care offers opportunities for healing and liberation in community.

Siter Circle Care
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