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Dr. Falami is an affirming, passionate speaker and facilitator delivering intentional messages of self and collective care, cultivating a culture of care and well-being, and self-actualization. She engages with her audiences with poetry, music, storytelling, and photography.

Topics of Dr. Falami’s Speeches and Workshops*

  • Black Women and Body Autonomy

  • It's All about the M.A.SK-  self care/community building workshop for college learners

  • Women Leaders and Self Care

  • Centering the Voices of Black Women

  • Leading from the Inside Out

  • Educating Black Girls

  • Connection, Cocreation; Centering and Elevating Women Leaders by embracing Circle of Care

  • Strengthening your Authentic self

  • Nurturing the Dreams of Black Girls

  • Resistance and Reclamation: Narrative Photovoice as a tool to retell the stories of African American  Experiences

  • Photovoice: A Culturally Relevant methodology

*These are general topics; Dr Falami customizes all speeches for her audiences.

Invited Speaking Engagements/presentations

Feb. 2021 - Sound Sangha Podcast

Dec. 2020 - The Tapestry Podcast



Higher Education

Dr. Falami provides short- and long-term consulting to support higher education institutions' efforts to build/cultivate a culture that addresses the well-being of their students and employees.


Dr. Falami’s “Well-Being residencies” provide a space and opportunity for students and employees to engage in conversations around self and collective care in the context of their lived experiences. Whether it is a staff retreat, a class visit, or a workshop for students, each residency is designed to meet the need of the institution. 

Dr. Falami’s  Photovoice Research

Devoe, Y. A. (2020). In Pictures and Words: A Womanist Answer to Addressing the Lived Experience of African American Women and Their Bodies—A Gumbo of Liberation and Healing.



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